Markus Pajur and Katažina Sosna became Nordic gravel Champions


On this Saturday Valga Puu Estonian, Latvian and Nordic gravel championships were held in Solar Wheel 2. Valga/Valka marathon. Estonian Markus Pajur triumphed in the elite men's category and took home the Estonian and Nordic titles. Lithuanian Katažina Sosna became elite women's Nordic champion.

Pajur defended his Estonian gravel title from the last year and produced a winning ride on the 130-kilometer course in 3 hours, 40 minutes and 43 seconds. Estonians Siim Kiskonen and Rait Ärm followed Pajur with a one and a two-second deficit, respectively. Kristian Klevgaard from Norway finished fourth and the new Latvian national gravel champion Alekss Krasts crossed the finish line in fifth.

In the Elite Women's category, Sosna triumphed in a time of 4 hours, 25 minutes and 10 seconds, beating the fresh Estonian national champion Uibokand by 12 seconds and estonian Ann-Christine Allik by 17 seconds. Fourth place went to Finland with Maisa Tuliniemi, Renate Rodionova finished fifth and became the Latvian national champion.

The Nordic age group gravel champions are Karl-Arnold Vendelin (EST, M19-34), Renate Rodionova (LAT, W19-34), Lauris Purninš (LAT, M35-39), Monta Paulovica (LAT, W35-39), Vahur Valvas (EST, M40-44), Sille Puhu (EST, W40-44), Allan Oras (EST, M45-49), Maris Kaarjärv (EST, W45-49), Rait Pallo (EST, M50-54), Ingrida Šmite (LAT, W50-54), Virgo Karu (EST, M55-59), Tea Lang (EST, W55-59), Henrik Rikkas (EST, M60-64) and Raul Arula (EST, M65-69).

197 riders from six countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway) participated in Nordic Championships, . In total, Solar Wheel 2nd Valga/Valka Bike Maraton, a stage of Estonian Cup MTB Marathon Series, hosted over 1200 participants.