Nordic Championships 2024

  • Nordic Championship competition events are organized by member federations in turn and in accordance with competition rules decided by a General Meeting.
  • Athletes from Nordic Cycling member federations are eligible to participate.
  • The member federations may not organize an international competition at the same time and in the same discipline as a Nordic Championship competition for the class in question.
  • The Nordic Cycling Committees in each discipline is obliged to see to that Nordic Championship events are organized annually, the organizer of each Championships is appointed by the Board at the suggestion of the Committee of the relevant discipline.


Valga, Estonia

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June 8


Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland

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July 25-26

BMX Racing

Sviland, Norway

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August 17-18


Mjøndalsskauen, Norway

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September 15


Halden, Norway


September 21-22


Asker, Norway


November 22-24