Baltic Sea Cup


— Changes in Baltic Sea Cup 2020 —

        Finland, Estonia, Latvia

Rule changes in 2020

In 2020 Baltic Sea Cup organizers focus on making the series friendly also for beginners and changing some classes for better racing:

• No BMX Racing licence is needed, but all riders must have insurance and under 18 yrs old riders must have permission from parents to enter the race.

• The entry fee is dropped to 10 euros for challenge classes and 20 euros for open classes

• The 5-6 yrs old will have their own class, B11 and B12 are combined to B11/12.

• Due to the relatively low number of elite riders in 2019, a new class W15+ Open and M15+ Open is made for better racing. The 15+ Open classes use challenge lines in all races, and have prize money

• The event information will be published in the Nordic Cycling -webpage

Baltic Sea Cup is a BMX Racing Series in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. All races are part of a race weekend with separate races on Saturday and Sunday.

The dates for Baltic Sea Cup 2020 are:

Round 1 - 2.AUG, Helsinki/Finland

- Nordic Championships and Nordic Challenge Games

Round 2 - 16.AUG, Tallinn/Estonia

- Peetri Games

Round 3 - 13.SEPT Valmiera/ Latvia

- Latvian Cup

All of the weekends are held so, that there is national or international event on Saturday and Baltic Sea Cup on Sunday. A practice for riders is held on Friday evening.

Races during the same weekend (a separate technical Guide will be published for all events)