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Nordic Cycling Annual Meeting 2020

The Annual NC meeting was meant to be held in conjunction with the UEC congress in Tel Aviv, Israel. This congress was postponed due to the Cocid-19 virus.

The Nordic Cycling annual meeting was therefore held as a video Meeting on 6 of April 9 of April instead

2 new Presidents
Both Iceland and Lithuania have elected new presidents:

Bjarni Már Svavarsson, Iceland

Elijus Čivilis, Lithuania

NC Management Committee Members from 2020

Henrik Jess Jensen, Denmark
Raivo Rand, Estonia
Harri Koponen, Finland
Bjarni Már Svavarsson, Iceland
Igo Japiņš, Latvia
Elijus Čivilis, Lithuania
Jan-Oddvar Sørnes, Norway
Thomas Backteman, Sweden

NC Executive Committee Members from 2020

Henrik Jess Jensen, Denmark
Raivo Rand, Estionia 
Thomas Backteman, Sweden 

Nordic Cycling Meetings

Managament Committee Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held annually in conjunction with the Congress of the European Cycling Union, UEC, but the Board may also decide to hold the meeting at a different time.

An Extraordinary General Meeting is held if the Board so decides or when requested by at least two members of the NC 

Planned meetings for 2020:

- NC Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel
   (UEC Congress is postponed)
   Video meeting has held instead at 6 of April

- Mid-year Meeting is planned to be held in Aigle 26 of September  

Commission Meetings